iDeskMD was born to address a huge void in the Continuum of Care which has had adverse impacts on seniors and society at large.


iDeskMD is an American Technology association with an accentuation on the rapidly developing eldercare publicize, increasing down to earth involvement in versatile A.I. portrayed cloud based organizations and things including Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Occupancy Fulfillment Services (OFS).


A lopsided measure of misused dollars in the USA are spent on hyper open human administrations for delicate/elderly inside the Emergency Rooms (ER’s) of Hospitals.

The eldercare system is set up in storage facilities, to such a degree, to the point that once out of the Hospitals ER, the patient is as often as possible sent to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) each with self-sufficient record keeping, each with its own particular charging objectives. These are in general ephemeral territories for the patient with a high probability of intensifying patient signs or contracting new torments at the same time. Each difference in mind makes another course of action of issues as a result of nonattendance of interoperability and keep testing of the patient. The system being utilized today is by and large “responsive.”

Most of the above will be revived by the best measurement move in recorded history, happening right now. Various are calling this “The Gray Tsunami” since seniors will address an altogether greater piece of our total people. As ordinary future extends, the cost of human administrations spikes fundamentally. In 2017, the USA consumed $4 Trillion on therapeutic administrations, more than the entire GDP of Germany. The social protection structure has gigantic waste joined with it, with senior prosperity every now and again dealt with responsively inside the Emergency Room.

We address key torment demonstrates that for the most part contribute tremendously the issue. Outfitting senior natives with a proactive circumstance while partner the care continuum to the occupant, influences noteworthy cost to save stores. Following vitals constantly is the thing that makes a proactive care perspective, upgrading whole deal tolerant outcomes and individual fulfillment.


Our model relies upon watching out for the creating void in eldercare, in this way improving outcomes, extending inhabitance for retirement organizes, and partner the continuum of care to the elderly. This vision is recognized by passing on and fusing our adaptable A.I. described cloud based organizations and things. Our answer Includes:

  • Promotes composed exertion that is anything but difficult to use
  • Has zero mystery word in a “One-to-Many” condition
  • Creates a transitional pathway from legacy to cloud
  • Provides a secured HIPAA cloud structure
  • Video, Chat, and E-Mail collaboration amassed
  • Occupancy fulfillment development
  • Third-party Integrations
  • IoT med sensors data in close consistent
  • HIPAA disseminated capacity Vault
  • Brands and workplaces are portrayed out inside the system
  • Dashboards made in perspective of customer portrayed parts
  • Roles have specific development get to

iDeskMD’s touch screen organize (AilaOS) contains more than 20 self-rulingly made programming applications that are inside and out gotten to through our biometric facial recognizing evidence development single sign-on course of action.

Watch the above video meet with Robert McMonagle (CTO).


iDeskMD’s gathering has developed its own specific prohibitive advancement while investigating the business focus at long last. Meanwhile , we have created indispensable business associates that need our organizations and things and who wish to share in their headway. Here is a gander at a part of the astonishing accomplishments by iDeskMD up to this point:

iDeskMD has made an association with one of the greatest and most vital quality private retirement organize executives in the USA to fuse our AilaOS Platform and business overlay. Our key associate manages a course of action of 105 workplaces worth more than 1 Billion U.S. dollars, a readied client and market for our whole line of cloud based organizations and things.

We have made and made our own particular exceptional advancement IP stamps in the zones of Communications, Video Conferencing, Telehealth, Chat, CRM, HR, Inventory Management., and various diverse courses of action per the necessities of the eldercare and senior living undertakings.

iDeskMD has built an official senior organization teamcomposed of technologists, specialists, heads, support bosses, and businessmen

Watch the above video meet with Andrew Chesler (CEO) (LINK ARRIVING TOMORROW)

Need to take in additional about iDeskMD and its prepares for what’s to come? Influence a point to request access to the Business To design tab of this profile for more information and to find how you can contribute!

Organization TEAM

Andrew Chesler – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Technologist and Visionary

See Business Plan for purposes of intrigue

Robert McMonagle – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Creativity and Technology United

See Business Plan for purposes of intrigue

Dr. Thinh H. Tran – Chief Integration Officer (CIO) MBA, MD – Healthcare and Informatics Professional See Business Plan for purposes of intrigue

Jane Cui – Advisory Board Member

See Business Plan for purposes of intrigue

David West Smith – International Finance and M&A Director

See Business Plan for purposes of intrigue

Take in MORE

We have embraced an overall methodology to grasping the requirements of senior living systems with the fundamental understanding that elderly tenants are moving from a necessities based condition (lifestyle) to one in perspective of essential needs while supporting all parts of consistently living, prosperity, physical and social prosperity.

Watch the above video and take in additional about Healthcare Informatics and how it is influencing made nations and the world.


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