How Technology Is Changing The Way We Get Our News


For many years, watching the news in the evening was something of an unclassified tradition. You would position yourself on the couch in front of the television and wait for the 6:00 o’clock news to begin, and then watch the day’s events be told to you in order of importance. You were limited by what the newscasters decided to tell you, and your only other source of news was the morning newspaper.

Then the Internet changed everything. Suddenly you had access to many more news sources, and you could pick and choose the news you wanted to read, and do so at the time that was most convenient for you. Television also changed as a result, with many more news programs being added, as well as 24-hour news channels. Now the news is everywhere, and news agencies compete with one another, vying for your attention and your viewership.

As a result, individuals across the world are watching more news than ever, and many of them are doing it on Internet TV. In fact, over a third of Americans read and view their news online rather than on a traditional television. Time and convenience are me of the important factors of note for this change, as well as the fact that live TV can also be viewed through various Internet TV streaming packages.

Internet TV increases news watching amongst the world’s population

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Get Our NewsWhile Internet TV doesn’t necessarily replace live TV and news sources broadcast mainly through a traditional television set, its usage has certainly grown. As a result, more people choose to watch a news channel live streaming online through various TV streaming websites and applications.

Do we really need that much news?

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Get Our NewsAs much as everyone enjoys reading, watching and hearing about newsworthy events, there are also plenty of people that abide by the “ignorance is bliss” rule. Too much news can be stressful at times, especially for those who are prone to anxiety. Hearing about the threat of war, a poor economy, or other news with negative connotations can make it seem that there is nothing good going on the world, and that we are just living through one impending disaster after another.

That being said, it is still important to keep abreast of important news, whether through live TV, Internet TV, or any other source you choose. Being aware of current events not only helps you learn more about what is going on in local communities and across the world, but also enables conversation, insight and interest in new subjects. It is also important to follow political news, as this will help you choose who to vote for in upcoming elections, enabling you to play a part in shaping the future of the country.

Whether you prefer in-depth reporting, a more comedic take on current events, updates on stories in your community, information about the latest scientific finds and breakthroughs, medical news, religious news, and virtually anything else newsworthy, you’ll be sure to find a viable source on regular TV or Internet TV.

The news and social networking

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Get Our NewsYou can follow reputable news sources, or find news stories that interest you, and share them with your own friends and followers, who in turn share them with others. This helps important news spread quickly to potentially hundreds of thousands, and has forever changed the way news is heard and shared. In fact, social networking has helped to turn people on to the news that never took much time or interest in the news before. Helping to increase education and reduce ignorance, news shared across social media platforms consumers all around the world, and has helped to encourage positive thought and world-changing movements, such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

Do you have your own insight into the importance of technology and today’s news? How do you think the news will change in the future? Please share your thoughts!


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