Getting The Most Out Of Your Laser Hair Removal Therapy – Expert tips


If you wish to remove unwanted facial and body hair without going through the skin burns, irritation and redness associated with waxing or shaving, laser hair removal is definitely the best way to adopt. As long as laser hair removal is concerned, this is deemed to be the best and permanent procedure for hair removal and though this doesn’t totally remove all your hair, it definitely decreases the growth of hair drastically so much so that you don’t require shaving.

Laser hair removal is probably safe to use in different parts of the body and this can include armpits, arms, legs, bikini area, back and chest. Though it is expensive initially, there are steps which you can take both after and before the treatment to maximize the benefits. Here are some such steps to take.

Step #1: Get ready for the laser treatment

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal therapy – Expert tips

You need to know that laser hair removal works by breaking down and targeting the pigment called melanin which is found in hair follicle and this makes hair fall out. This is a process which works to remove dark and coarse hair. If the hair is dyed blond or gray or if it is white hair, it won’t work. For women who suffer from polycystic ovaries and other hormonal issues, they might not get benefits from laser hair removal.

Step #2: Avoid getting tanned just before treating yourself

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal therapy – Expert tips

Once you are considered as worthy candidate for laser hair removal, it’s vital to avoid getting exposed under sun as the tanning can slow down the effectiveness of the treatment. Hence, before you show up for a laser treatment, make sure you stay indoors to get the best possible treatment effects.

Step #3: Shave on the day before the treatment

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal therapy – Expert tips

When you go to the clinic for laser hair removal, make sure you prepare your body by shaving the day before. Though you might feel strange while shaving as you’re already going in for a treatment to remove hair, yet the laser therapy usually targets hair during its growing stage and this is why shaving will make the hair grow till this stage. This will make the laser therapy to give you the best result.

Step #4: Predict the hair to fall off

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal therapy – Expert tips

Soon after you complete the treatment, the targeted hair will start its way out from the hair follicle and this will give the look like its re-growing. However, within the ext 10-14 days, your hair will reach a stage where it is bound to fall off and this is the time when you can remove it with the help of a towel or washcloth.

Step #5: Opt for several treatments

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal therapy – Expert tips

Laser hair removal can only target the hair when it is at its phase of active growth. This is why there are several patients who need 4-10 sessions to obtain desirable results. As treatments occur every 1-2 months, you should opt for several treatments.

Hence, presently merely know the steps that you just ought to take in arrange to form the foremost out of your laser hair evacuation treatment, what are you holding up for? Take after them to induce the finest.


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