Flying High: Why Becoming a Pilot Is a Great Career Move


So many changes have taken place in the job market in the last decade. Technology and automation have reduced job numbers in some fields. Young people are looking for a career that offers challenges, excitement, opportunities, and job security. A career as a pilot offers all that and more. According to Aviation Triad in Greensboro NC, if you love to fly, this is a job you should explore.

The Travel Opportunities

Why Becoming a Pilot Is a Great Career Move

It goes without saying that pilots travel to a lot of different places. Frequently they “overnight” in some great places such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or Boston, and that allows them time off to explore the city, dine in local restaurants, and do some shopping. The airline provides lodging and travel accommodations. It is a great benefit. Advancement in the career ladder opens doors to overseas flights and the chance to visit internationally famous cities, such as Paris, London, Rome, or Stockholm and enjoy the food and culture. Not many jobs offer such great travel opportunities, especially to foreign countries. Not all destinations are so glamorous or famous, but they are interesting and many are very beautiful.

Family Benefits

Why Becoming a Pilot Is a Great Career Move

According to ATP, one of the most loved benefits a pilot receives is the free travel allowance for immediate family members. They are normally allowed to fly for free anywhere the airline flies. Pilots get to take their families on some great vacations, and there is no transportation expense. They only have to pay for food and lodging. Because pilots can only fly a certain number of hours each month, they also get quite a bit of time off allowing them time for other activities. Some pilots run a part-time business with their spouse, and others fill their time with taking college courses, coaching a child’s sports team, or just playing a few rounds of golf with friends. In addition to their regular time off, pilots also get paid vacations each year.

Retirement and Insurance Benefits

Why Becoming a Pilot Is a Great Career Move

Airline pilots receive excellent retirement programs, including travel benefits for life. They also receive matched 401K retirement plans and excellent health insurance that includes their family. It’s a great job with lots of perks and certainly one that young men and women should consider. Many former military pilots apply for airline jobs because they are already experienced, but there are excellent flight training schools available for anyone wanting to enter this profession.

If you are looking for a rewarding career that offers super benefits and travel opportunities, look into training as a pilot, and get ready to take off.


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