Choosing The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Device – Few Things To Take Note Of


Previous the last 20 years, GPS tracking devices have very popular and this specific technology has found several applications throughout different industries. While you can find GPS tracking in the numerous social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, you can also find such tracking devices for vehicles which ensure that the vehicle is running safe. The key function of a GPS automobile tracking system is to get the real-time location of the car.

If you haven’t ever chosen a vehicle tracking device which is based on some particular GPS server, you should first know the different factors which you need to consider. There are some vital things that you should consider before making a choice on your GPS tracking device. Take a fast look at them and make a very good choice.

  • Real-time tracking vs. passive tracking

Choosing the best GPS vehicle tracking device – Few things to take note of

In case of a passive tracking system, the unit which receives signals will store GPS data and this will be downloaded from some local GPS server only once the vehicle gets back to the headquarters after the entire day. Selecting the passive-tracking system usually relies on the frequency of information and the space of memory that is there for storing transmitted data. On the other hand, real-time tracking or active tracking uses satellite modem that is stored within the GPS system. It keeps continuously updating data based on the pre-set frequency. You won’t suffer from the risk of losing data since the data is continuously updated.

  • Dispatching method

Choosing the best GPS vehicle tracking device – Few things to take note of

It is only with real-time solutions that effective and efficient dispatching is possible. You can easily get to know the real-time position of all vehicles and also the driver’s location through Google Map. Due to the convenience of this feature, you can take immediate action during any emergency situation and it is also possible to handle day-to-day operations.

  • Costs of GPS tracking

Choosing the best GPS vehicle tracking device – Few things to take note of

The cost of getting real-time solutions can be easily compared with passive solutions. One of the most common myths is that passive solutions can be afforded within a tight budget rather than real-time solution. People have the notion that real-time solution is costlier because they have add-on wireless fees. But this is far from being true. In reality, real-time solutions are gradually getting more and more affordable as the rates of wireless is plummeting since the last few years.

  • Notification and alert features

Choosing the best GPS vehicle tracking device – Few things to take note of

Within a GPS system, notifications and real-time alerts are extremely necessary and these can only be possible through real-time solutions. In case of a passive system, the fleet managers can monitor the vehicle only when it returns to the headquarters. On the other hand, the real-time system lets fleet managers track vehicles 24X7 even when they’re out on the road and not anywhere in the office. Managers never require sticking to their desks to get alerts and notifications.

  • Tracking accidents

Choosing the best GPS vehicle tracking device – Few things to take note of

With the passive system of tracking, whenever a vehicle unfortunately meets with some accident which damages the unit, there are higher chances of data loss since data isn’t continuously updated. On the contrary, in real time solutions, even before the accident, the last information will also be transmitted. Unless the unit is hurt, it could keep updating real-time information.

So, as we see, there are indeed several applications for GPS tracking system and the applications are spread over different industries. GPS tracking system is the most important thing for parents as they want it to be added in the School Bus Tracking System. GPS systems are of immense help as this showers more attention on students and kids.


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