5 Tricks To Transform Your Bed Into The Comfiest Place On Earth


There’s nothing like retreating to a comfy, fluffy bed. Comfy pillows, soft cushions, cozy beddings – these are the things that keep you relaxed and well-rested after a long day’s work. More than 80 million Americans have trouble sleeping, and that translates to roughly 1 out of 3 US adults. One of the reasons for this is the lack of a comfortable bed. If you’re one of those people, here are 5 tricks you can follow to make your bed the comfiest place on earth and achieve next-level coziness.

  1. Consider adding extra padding.

5 Tricks to Transform Your Bed into the Comfiest Place on Earth

Memory foam might be a good start, but if you want to achieve a blissful sleep, you have to double down with an extra padding. It could be in the form of an egg crate mattress pad. It might look a little crazy, but you’ll be amazed to find how comfortable it can be. Invest in a pad big enough to cover the surface of your bed and place it between your memory foam and bed topper.

  1. Invest in a comfy topper.

5 Tricks to Transform Your Bed into the Comfiest Place on Earth

If you have a poor quality mattress but can’t afford a replacement, you can instead opt for a mattress topper as an excellent alternative. A quality topper, such as the one you can purchase from St. George Tempurpedic, is thick enough to make your bed even more dreamy. It provides you with full body ergonomic support to give you the perfect sleep without feeling overly warm or suffocating.

  1. Pick the right lighting.

5 Tricks to Transform Your Bed into the Comfiest Place on Earth

Proper lighting is important if you want to achieve serenity whilst lying in your bed. A good idea is to choose lights that are not more than 15 watts. If you want, you may also add some fairy lights. Not only will they make your bedroom feel like your own private party, but they also provide a nice and comforting glow in your room.

  1. Choose the right comforter for the right season.

5 Tricks to Transform Your Bed into the Comfiest Place on Earth

When it comes to comforters, you have to pay attention to the seasons and the climate where you live in. If it’s winter season, you might want to go for a thick comforter. Meanwhile, for summer, you’ll have to look for one which is a little lighter. You can also find all-season comforters to get your body temperature just right regardless of the season. Comforters are also available in different weights, hence it’s best to pick the right weight that’ll make you comfortable as you sleep.

  1. Buy a good quality mattress.

5 Tricks to Transform Your Bed into the Comfiest Place on Earth

To make the comfiest bed, you need the comfiest mattress possible. Invest in a high-quality mattress that’s made to last for years. Find one you think is comfortable enough for you, such as the ones from St. George Tempurpedic. Consider a mattress that allows you to sink into a deep and sound slumber without waking up to backaches and pain in the morning.


Don’t be a part of the demographic that is sleep deprived. Incorporate these tricks into your bedroom to achieve a sound sleep and make your sleeping place the comfiest place on earth, ever.


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